Our vision

Malibu High is a vibrant learning community that delivers quality education

and fulfilment through exemplary leadership.

Our mission

We provide all members of the school community with a 

multiplicity of opportunities to utilize potential to attain excellent results.                                      

                Our goals are to:

Ø             Provide learners with quality education which will equip them with knowledge, skills and

                attitudes to meet the challenges of the future.

Ø             Transform our school into an effective learning unit and a centre of community life.

Ø             Transform the school into a high performance organization that focuses on results and the

                quality of its service delivery.

Ø             Promote opportunities for effective leadership and management development at all levels.

Ø             To develop our Governing Body into an effective support structure for our learning community.

Ø             Promote life long learning among all members.

Ø             Embrace values such as honesty and sincerity, hard work, respect, human dignity, fair play,

                continuous improvement, interdependence, balanced living, enjoyment and fun.

Latest News

New Website Administrators

Le-Marco Babers and Lesley MaasdorpThe above personnel has been appointed as Malibu High School website administrators , if your have anything to cont...


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